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     The quote I received from Ardleigh Green Carpet Cleaner was very reasonable, and although I haven't had my first house cleaning session yet, I've got Hugh hopes.
A. P.30/03/2018
     My kitchen needed a really deep clean, so I decided to use Ardleigh Green Carpet Cleaners and book their kitchen cleaning services. They did a better job than I could have imagined and made everything look as good as new. Very pleased.
R. Wallace15/03/2016
     When my daughter finally flew the nest for good my wife and I decided to redecorate her room and turn it into a guest bedroom. When we started to move furniture, the carpet looked disgusting. Years of teenage carelessness had left it looking like a dirty rag. I called Ardleigh Green Carpet Cleaning and they sent their carpet cleaning team over on the same day. In just a short time and a lot of steam cleaning the carpet looked as good as new. I was glad to hand over the small amount of money they charged. I wouldn't complain about a thing. Excellent service from start to finish.
Leo Daniels 10/02/2016
     I managed to get a great price from Ardleigh Green Carpet Cleaner recently, so just wanted to come by and say how impressed I was with the results they managed to achieve. They're great carpet cleaners, in particular, which is great when you've got a couple of kids running around. But while the results were as excellent as I expected, it was the price that blew my mind. Rung them up and got a great quote. I will be using their services from now on!
Jennifer J.05/11/2015
     One thing you don't often get in London is familiarity, which is why I love how Ardleigh Green Carpet Cleaning always send me the same two cleaners every week to clean my rather large and spacious four-bedroom house! They arrive on time each time, without fail and having cleaned for me now for some time, they know exactly what needs to be done when and what goes where! They feel like part of our extended family!
Pamela T.15/01/2015
     I was so happy with my recent carpet clean service I hired. Ardleigh Green Carpet Cleaning were excellent and did a superb carpet clean service within my house. The workers arrived promptly armed with tools and products to begin. The clean was done efficiently and effectively. The end result was amazing. The carpets looked so clean that I could hardly believe it. It has saved me from buying new replacement carpet, the house looks and smells so clean and fresh, thank you.
Gwen Hammond24/11/2014
     I was concerned that I would not be able to afford a professional to clean my house on a regular basis but it was getting to the point where I had no choice. I put a call in to Ardleigh Green Carpet Cleaning and the price they gave me was just brilliant. I took them up on their offer of cleaning excellence immediately. The cleaner they sent was a polite professional and she has now been coming for the last 6 weeks and has really opened my eyes. The house looks great, I am less exhausted so everybody wins!
S. Floyd09/10/2014
     With a 9-5 job, I barely had any time to myself. After travelling time, I only really found the time to make dinner before I nodded off on the sofa. Weekends off were dedicated to running errands all day and when I wasn't running off trying to pick something up, I was trying my hardest to get a week's worth of cleaning all done in a few hours. I found Ardleigh Green Carpet Cleaning online one evening after realising that I needed help in at least one area of my life. My cleaner works wonders on my home and now I even have time to just sit back and relax.
     As a single guy and a busy salesman I was on the road a lot, so never found enough time to do my housework. Over time the flat was getting slightly dusty and grubby. It really needed a thorough and deep clean. A pal suggested I call Ardleigh Green Carpet Cleaning who he used on a regular basis to keep his place tidy. I called and booked a meeting to go over what type of cleaning service I wanted. I booked a date for a complete overall. On the day two friendly cleaning ladies arrived armed with cleaning products and tools for the task. They did a fantastic job!
Aaron Bailey12/06/2014
     I moved into a new home and the home was less than clean. I wanted to have the home deep cleaned before I moved all of my possessions in. After doing A LOT of research I came across Ardleigh Green Carpet Cleaning. I read all the great reviews and thought that I should give them a try. Well, now I am here giving my own review - they are bloody awesome! Not only did they get the home crystal clean, but they did it a lot quicker than I expected. They came on time, were friendly and approachable and were very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend this company!
Tom Finn27/03/2014
     If your floors are looking a bit shabby, give Ardleigh Green Carpet Cleaning a call. Blimey that sounded like one of those cheap promotional things, but I can assure you it wasn't! I had Ardleigh Green Carpet Cleaning clean one of my carpets after it had taken years of abuse, and I was genuinely blown away by the level of results. Needless to say I had them do the rest of the house, and it really has breathed new life into the place for considerably less outlay than fully redecorating. I would recommend these guys to anyone, and to be honest I quite regularly do.
J. Denton30/01/2014
     I was reaching the end of my tether with my home cleaning. I never had the time or the energy, and when I did manage to get a free hour to myself there's no way I wanted to waste it on cleaning! I called Ardleigh Green Carpet Cleaning after reading some great online reviews and I'm so glad that I did! This was a great decision for me and my family because now my house is always clean! The staff I've spoken to have all been really lovely, helpful and friendly, and everyone seems really experienced. If you want help keeping your home clean then this is the company for you!
Alex L.20/01/2014

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